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Welcome to Oppidoo!

Oppi­doo is an enterpri­se that pro­vi­des pri­va­te and ext­racur­ricu­lar educa­tion, stu­dy circles and the­ra­py. Oppi­doo offers indi­vi­dua­lized sup­port for all age groups from schoolc­hildren to adults. Through mul­ti-pro­fes­sio­nal coo­pe­ra­tion we can crea­te effec­ti­ve and first-rate tuto­ring in voca­tio­nal selec­tion, stu­dies, deve­lop­ment and educa­tio­nal chal­len­ges. In addi­tion to tackling lear­ning dif­ficul­ties or lack of moti­va­tion, we also offer gui­dance in advanced problem-sol­ving skills for tho­se in need of challenges.

Sup­port and teaching

Oppi­doo sup­ports you in achie­ving school rea­di­ness, mas­te­ring various sub­jects, impro­ving cog­ni­ti­ve deve­lop­ment and obtai­ning post­gra­dua­te degree. We want eve­ry child and youth to find their path into a mea­ning­ful adult­hood, but we are also belie­vers in life­long lear­ning. We welco­me your ques­tions, no mat­ter how complica­ted. We are here to sup­port you.


  • What would you like to learn?
  • What do you wish to achieve?
  • What will you be when you grow up?


The­se are the ques­tions that we want to answer. Our pro­fes­sio­nal educa­tors pro­vi­de indi­vi­dua­lized educa­tion at the time and place of your choo­sing — eit­her in our teac­hing faci­li­ties in Ola­ri or whe­re­ver it suits you best, via Inter­net for instance.

Crea­ting goals and objectives

Or are you still in the process of fin­ding out what it is you wish to accomplish? Oppi­doo can help you the­re as well. Toget­her we can crea­te goals and objec­ti­ves for the futu­re. Having a clear direc­tion and aspi­ra­tion natu­ral­ly impro­ves the moti­va­tion to stu­dy. Lear­ning can be fun! It entails mys­te­ries to sol­ve, new worlds to explo­re and the joy of rea­liza­tion. It impro­ves self-esteem and life skills. Oppi­doo offers various clubs, stu­dy circles and cour­ses that impro­ve lear­ning stra­te­gies and cog­ni­ti­ve abi­li­ties, in addi­tion to mas­te­ring a speci­fic skill


We offer educa­tion and lear­ning sup­port for all age groups. Our pri­va­te tuto­ring is effec­ti­ve and indi­vi­dua­lized accor­ding to your speci­fic needs. Stu­dy groups, gene­ral cour­ses and cour­ses for tho­se pre­pa­ring for their mat­ricu­la­tion exa­mi­na­tion all uti­lize the met­hods of col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve lear­ning and offer peer support.


Com­pa­ny name

The name Oppi­doo is deri­ved from the Fin­nish term ‘oppi’ and the English word ‘do’. In Fin­nish, ‘oppi’ compre­hends all know­led­ge that can be achie­ved through lear­ning, schoo­ling and stu­dying. It is a les­son or an instruc­ti­ve expe­rience. Doo refers to the English verb ‘do’ in accor­dance with Oppi­doo’s ideo­lo­gy: we “do learning.”

Howe­ver, the suf­fix ‘doo’ comes from Japa­ne­se. The word Dō is pro­nounced ‘doo’ and stands for a road, path or a way of life. Dō embo­dies both know­led­ge and ethical and est­he­tical tra­di­tions. Alt­hough dō is most wide­ly con­no­ted with eas­tern mar­tial arts, in its broa­der sen­se it implies a road that stri­ves for per­so­nal growth and deve­lop­ment. This road con­ti­nues throug­hout our lives.


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